Resiliency in our community

Dear Community Partners,

In the wake of the devastating firestorm, we are reaching out to you to let you know about a free resiliency skills resource we can make immediately available to you, and your staff.

We have a health wellbeing program called Imagine what matters to YOU. It offers people the opportunity to step back, regroup, take a moment to acknowledge where they are, and envision what is next (tomorrow, next week, next month, next year) for themselves.

Since it’s inception 2000 people across the socio-economic spectrum in Sonoma County have participated in an Imagine YOU class. It is available in Spanish. The class format is somewhat flexible. It can be provided in two 45-50 minute segments, or one 1.5 hour workshop. Our certified leaders are an MD, MPH, MFT, and credentialed teacher, respectively.

Resiliency Support to get back on track…

During times of everyday stress, or extreme stress due to unexpected or devastating events, it often becomes necessary for us to draw on our inner reserves, in order to cope with the circumstances ourselves, or to help for others. But what happens, when our inner reserves run low? We become less able to adapt and cope. It is times like these remembering, or finding new tools that help build resiliency in us, can be extremely useful, in helping us cope with and lean into life with more ease.

During the Imagine YOU training, you will be led by a certified Imagine You Leader, through a series of simple exercises that allow you the opportunity to turn inward and nourish yourself, by focusing on what matters most to you, and your health and well-being. Please contact our Executive Director, Cynthia Calmenson, for more about this opportunity:

Comments from a recent workshop in Santa Rosa:

‘Imagine taking small steps to reach your health goals.’ “I really appreciated this thought as it reminds us that what we want or “imagine” doesn’t just happen over night.  It takes time to make changes and put them into place so they can become habits and we find ways to prioritize the importance.  For me, I would like to take a few minutes every day to practice guided meditation.  It might be that I practice two days a week and build up from there.

“It helped to spend focus time on personal goals and developing the next step I need to do towards my goal.”

“I LOVED IT. It felt very easy and really put my thoughts in order. I was expecting something different, more grounding techniques etc. but it was actually very motivational. I think it will help me personally but also with some of the parents in my classes.”

“I was expecting more stress reduction techniques, but I liked this – it was well put together.  I like the little book – I will probably keep looking at my drawing and sit down and seriously think of some manageable small steps.  I like tracking things.  Your instructor did a good job of making it understandable and in engaging the group.”