Resilience. Support. Engagement….Save the Date

Resilience. Support. Engagement.

Save the date NOW for the upcoming Imagine what matters to YOU Training on March 3, 2018. Program materials now also in Spanish! Join our community!

Imagine what matters to YOU helps people build personal resilience and supports and engages them in creating their best health and life.

With this training you will gain the skills needed facilitate a 45-60 minute Imagine YOU group workshop and work one-to-one with individuals using the Imagine what matters to YOU method.

Imagine YOU is a powerful tool for resilience-building and engagement. Individuals create and use tools to support their health and well-being, created from their own perspective and goals… not ours.

Imagine YOU Leaders ask ‘ What matters most to you? and then guide people to go deeper to create their own ‘Image of Health’ – an empowered vision of their life and health goals.

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