Our Programs

IMCF provides educational programs for both healthcare professionals and for individuals seeking to take more control of both their health and healthcare. IMCF serves both Sonoma County and adjacent Northern California counties.

We focus our efforts on healthcare and other professional staff working with underserved youth, families, and seniors.

Our offerings include:

Current Focus and Goals:

  • To provide Imagine YOU Leader training programs for community leaders, nonprofit staff and professional volunteers, and healthcare and human resource professionals.
  • To build a network of Imagine YOU Leaders and partners that work together to create a collective impact model.
  • To expand our partnerships with foundations, agencies, community groups, and businesses, supporting them to use Imagine YOU to engage their members.
  • To expand the What Matters Sonoma County Coalition through raising awareness and providing skills training.
  • To provide educational retreats for healthcare professionals
  • To encourage a deeper understanding of relational medicine and of self-care.