Ellen Barnett, MD, PhD is a family physician and has practiced  in Sonoma County for over 30 years. Her PhD is in Education and she has a strong interest in working directly with individuals goals for their health and life. Dr Barnett developed the Imagine YOU process as a way of helping her patients clarify why they want to be healthy.  This helps she and her patients be ‘on the same page’  as they work together. 

Through the nonprofit Foundation, Dr Barnett is working with many health related organizations in Sonoma County as part of  the “What Matters to You?” initiative from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. This project asks:  what will we learn if we ask our clients/patients  “What matters most to you?” and link our own program goals with what is most important to those we serve. 

Dr. Barnett is a Clinical Professor of Family and Community Medicine at UCSF School of Medicine and is member of several subcommittees of the Committee for Health Care Improvement of Health Action for Sonoma. She also served as Curriculum Director of the Family Practice Residency Program at Community Hospital (now Sutter) for seven years and was instrumental in co-creating the pioneering Health Navigator Certificate Program co-sponsored by IMCF and Sonoma State University.