Northbay Wildfire Recovery

Helping with the Northbay Wildfire Recovery

Imagine YOU Northbay wildfire recovery efforts launched by grant from the Redwood Credit Union Northbay Fire Fund. In Sonoma County the Redwood Credit Union North Bay Fire Relief Fund recently awarded Imagine YOU a grant that has enabled us to put on a leader training program on April 19 & May 3, 2018 in Santa Rosa.

The Imagine YOU Leader program focusses on resilience training for professional staff from social service, health, and other organizations making a difference in the Northbay. Many use Imagine YOU in Spanish with their mono-lingual clients.  Read what people are saying about Imagine YOU.

Imagine YOU Leader Training

Our training programs are in big demand. The current program can only hold 12 people, but more than 25 applied. We are currently seeking more funding to host more Imagine YOU trainings in this time of need for our area. Read more about our resilience support efforts. Find us on Facebook.

Local leaders engage during the Imagine YOU Leader training.