What our Imagine YOU® workshop participants are saying:

I came up with a vision for myself that was so motivating, I took action toward new health practices that I had put off for years. The new vision I had for myself came from a deep place in my heart and mind that was more compelling than any doctor or magazine article.
Recent Imagine YOU Workshop participant
“I found myself thinking about my own vision of my own health, ‘my own vision’ being the key words. If I were living life in the best way possible according to me, what would my life look like? I came up with a vision for myself that was so motivating, I took action toward new health practices that I had put off for years.”
Nick Lawrence, Program Manager, Foster Care and Kinship Education, Santa Rosa Junior College
“My Image will keep me with a main focus, keep me out of being stressed out and remind me there are things outside my stress.”
Teen workshop participant
“I’ll keep [my Image of Health] with me as a coping skill. I can take a break and go for a walk to clear my head.”
Teen workshop participant
“The Imagine YOU exercise was very helpful to me. I imagined all of the good things that would come from getting up in time to attend morning practice at 6 am each day. I think that imagining the benefits was an important motivator. And drawing the pictures made them more concrete. I have been able to do it pretty regularly. It has helped me reset my daily rhythm and also be able to sleep through the night more nights. Having a regular time to get up each day helps to be able to go to sleep early. And I have a nice long morning to do the things that I like to do in the morning. So thank you! That was the most important thing learned at the retreat.”
Foster youth workshop participant

“My daughter can help me with this vision, to move beyond homelessness.”
Homeless mother of an adult child
“[My Image of Health] got me through the last few weeks, a very rough time. I used it every day.”
Management consultant
“I started at the gym as my first small step, and have been going ever since, it’s great.”
Participant with arthritis, age 55
“I talked to my parents about my Image.”
High school student


What Imagine YOU Leaders are saying:

“The Image of Health is always felt as light and open, and their ‘should’ list is felt as heavy and dark.”
Imagine YOU Leader Trainer
“It is so powerful to see people settle into what is really right for them.”
Cancer Survivorship Group facilitator
“I did the Imagine YOU workshop with my managers. They loved it and had great ideas for making it part of what we do here. I am really excited.”
Health Club Program Manager
“They call me the Imagine Girl because of the workshops I’m leading.”
Homeless shelter staff


What other leading voices in our community are saying about the potential of Imagine YOU:

“IMCF’s work to engage organizations with What Matters to You is unique among the ‘What Matters’ efforts because of the emphasis on engaging individuals in the community. This approach meets individuals outside of the health care system in a way that may expand their thinking beyond what matters medically. The information, of course, can be used to bridge what health means to an individual with health care’s role in supporting the best possible health for the individual. We are excited to see how this approach and the IMCF Imagine YOU® project can make a difference in health and health care.”
Christina Gunther-Murphy, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Executive Director
“This could be a powerful way to start each Advanced Care Planning workshop.”
Jane Eckels, Steering Committee Chair of MyCare, MyPlan: Speak Up Sonoma County
“This can be incorporated into our whole community program about wellness and what matters most to our patients.”
Kelly Mathers, CEO, Sonoma Valley Hospital