Offer an Imagine YOU® Workshop

“I did the Imagine YOU workshop with my managers. They loved it and had great ideas for making it part of what we do here. I am really excited.”
Health Club Program Manager
An Imagine YOU® Workshop, led by a certified Imagine YOU Leader, helps individuals clarify why health matters to them and how they can make their health goals a reality.

During each workshop, participants are invited to create a personal Image of Health. The Image of Health can be used in tandem with other tools, support systems, and services your organization might be using to support individuals’ health and well-being.

IMCF has found that many busy non-profit and for-profit organizations are looking for simple tools to integrate into their programming that are easy to implement and make their teams’ jobs easier. Imagine YOU can be just that, whether you are looking for new ways to engage the people you serve or simply to bring your team members closer to one another.

Imagine YOU is transforming outcomes for many people. Extensive evaluation of the program, including longer-term case studies, shows that our method:
  • supports the creation of new health habits by clarifying goals and first steps
  • motivates participants to take small steps towards health
  • positively impacts measures of self-efficacy, such as solving difficult problems with effort, the ability to handle unforeseen situations, and awareness of a specific step participants could take to improve their health
We offer Imagine YOU in three formats:
  • Group Workshop (best for groups of clients or employees, e.g. board retreats or conference break-out sessions)
  • One-on-one Coaching Conversation
  • Large Meeting Presentation (over 40 people)
To inquire about scheduling an Imagine YOU Workshop for your organization, business, or community group, please contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.
I came up with a vision for myself that was so motivating, I took action toward new health practices that I had put off for years. The new vision I had for myself came from a deep place in my heart and mind that was more compelling than any doctor or magazine article.
Recent Imagine YOU Workshop participant