Imagine YOU® Leader Certificate Program

Teaching Tools for Health and Wellbeing

Imagine YOU® is a method that equips you with the tools to effectively and compassionately guide your clients to move forward and act on what is truly important to them. Imagine You embeds evidence-based components from recent mental and behavioral health research on habit formation, guided imagery, goal setting/goal achievement, and kinesthetic learning models.

Imagine You Leaders ask “What matters most to you?” and therefore guide people to go deeper to create their own empowered vision of their life and health goals.
Accelerate your work with those you serve by employing the core components of the Imagine You method:
  • Dialogue with your clients about what is most important to them in their lives.
  • Invite your clients to create and act upon a plan to move towards their wellbeing in the context of their own lives.
  • Engage your clients to cultivate their own health and well-being.
  • Support your client’s capacity to cope with adversity.

As an Imagine You Leader you receive:

  • The Imagine You Toolkit (in English and Spanish) containing all materials to implement Imagine You in your organization.
  • Program implementation consultation sessions with key stakeholders in your organization.
  • A sustainable health and wellness component for your organization that engages individuals for years to come.
  • An opportunity to contribute to data collection on the tangible outcomes of using the Imagine You method
Who should attend:
Health and social service providers and staff, Disaster Case Managers, parish nurses, higher education professionals, health navigators, health coaches, case managers, community health outreach workers/promotores de salud, school counselors, middle- and high school teachers and counselors, and human resource professionals across all disciplines.
What people are saying:
“In my work I see many people struggling to make positive changes in their lives and their wellness. Imagine You provides a strong, powerful foundation for them to stand on, lean into, and align with as they go about creating the life of their dreams.”
“I have a master’s degree in clinical social work. This training, to me, felt much more straightforward, much more personal, much more on target for the disaster survivors I work with.”
“I work with Latino parents on their parenting skills. Many of my clients appreciate how the Imagine You tools I teach them gives them space to consider their personal wellbeing in the midst of their many challenges.”
“The presenters were great, and the demonstrations very helpful.”


Program Trainer, Ellen Barnett, MD, PhD is Director of Outreach and Program Development of the Integrative Medical Clinic Foundation and Medical Director of the Integrative Medical Clinic of Santa Rosa.

Corinne Meadows Efram, LMFT

Program includes:
Three training sessions, the Imagine You Leader Toolkit, all refreshments, Learning Pod support, two supervised trainee observation/coaching sessions, and optional post-training Imagine You Leader Meet-ups. Attendance at all training sessions is required.  Imagine You Leader Toolkit is now available in Spanish.

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